Wedding menu

Sample menu

Wedding party


– Broth

Main dish
– Cutlet de volaille
– Pork loin
– Pork neck in sauce with Silesian dumplings
– Potatoes with butter and dill
– Mix of salad

Cold dishes
– tuna salad
– Vegetable Salad
– Greek salad
– Stuffed eggs
– cold meat and cheese dishes
– chicken jelly
– Country and Kashubian herring
– tomatoes with mozzarella and basil
– lard with cucumber
– bites from a chicken breast with garlic sauce
– bread

Hot dishes
– Croquette with Borsch
– Goulash soup and Sour rye soup served in pot
– Chicken legs with two faces (spice and garlic-herbs)
– Tea and coffee

0,7 L – Orange / Apple juice
0,7 L – Sparkling mineral water

In price are wedding bread, sparkling wine, red carpet in the entrance
On your own field are cake, room decoration, music and alcohol

Country table
– Lunch meat “wędzok ustrzycki”, Boss salceson, country bread, sour cucumber and lard, ham, pate, sausage “sudecka”, roasted pork neck , pork collar

Pig roast

Continuation of wedding


Party from 1:00pm to 6:00pm. A minimum of 40 adults.


Two soups to choose from – served in kettles
– mushroom soup
– cabbage soup
– spicy shreds
– sour soup
– gulaszowa

Two types of meat served in preheaters to choose from
– pork chops
– chicken breast wraps
– pork chop
– ribs on sauerkraut
– boiled potatoes
– Silesian noodles
– salad for dinner

Drinks for dinner
Coffee and tea

Cold plate in the form of a Swedish buffet (meats and cheeses, gyro salad, tortilla) or bigos.

0 – 4 years old – free
4 – 10 years old – 50% of the price
from 10 years old – 100% of the price